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Border Management & Consulting LLP

Gates to Facilitate International Trade and Improve Supply Chain Efficiency



Rooted in 2019 and incorporated in early 2023 in UK, Border Management & Consulting LLP is a partnership of strong organizations; ICCD and TOBB, and a company unique and rewarded in border gate development and management; GTI. BMC Gates aims to lead international logistics infrastructure projects worldwide, with a primary focus on border gates and related logistics centers. BMC Gates offers comprehensive services, including technical and administrative consultancy, project design and management, and investment assistance to fulfill the needs of public institutions around the world.

Border Management & Consulting Gates To Beyond Borders


BMC Gates specializes in trade facilitaion, safety and security solutions in border gate development and other road logistics infrastructures across three key service areas: Consultancy, Project Management and Investment.


BMC Gates is a visionary international company focused on developing international logistics infrastructure projects, primarily on border gates with innovative and competitive solutions with new infrastructures, supporting public authorities to facilitate trade, to enhance security and good governance.